Guide to Buying Digital Art - where to print - how to find frames

OR, How to save money and get your gift in hand sooner.

In today's e-commerce here's everything you  need to know about buying digital, and ending up with a perfect gift. Fast, and for less.

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1. Think Frame First

Knowing the size of your frame, will allow you to get the right file, and connect with the right printer (including your own at home)

It's trickier to shop for a frame than to select a printing service.
In other words, many printers can print many sizes, the frame you want may not be available in the style and size combination you want.

framebridge floating frame

Finding a frame online Frames

Bezos' frame collection shines like his bald head.


  • great selection
  • surprisingly good quality (if you consider reviews)
  • competitive prices
  • fast shipping


  • frame sizes sometimes advertised wrong - 12"x12" frame may not accept 12"x12" paper. More on this later

make sure you grab a coupon 👉


  • great selection
  • more "advanced" framing techniques. Floating & mats.
  • one top shop - can print AND frame
  • since the frame comes assembled, it can be a lot less effort


  • a bit pricier than Amazon


Finding a frame locally - same day

Goodwill & Second Hand Stores

Unique treasures here - often at affordable prices. This is my favorite option.
Measure the back opening and get a custom print fitted.

Michael's & Jo-Ann's

Always bring a coupon when shopping at these stores. (up to 70% off)

Expect that they have limited options on hand though. They will advertise a full selection but actually carry very few.

Wal-Mart • Target • Department Stores • IKEA

All these stores have good quality wall art & frames. Limited selection but you'll be certain to find something at a reasonable price.


1b. You've got your Frame

Know what fits in your frame! There's an opening on the back where the print will be slotted. Measure that!

here's the back of a 12" x 12" frame

This opening will be the size of paper you need. Tell us this size, and we will scale the digital image file to fit. Tell this to your printer, and they will know what paper options they have, and how to cut it if necessary.


2. Getting it Printed - some terms

Printing services will want 3 pieces of information at minimum.

a. The size of your print (which we discussed above)

b. The sheen of the paper - Matt, Semi-gloss, Gloss
   • generally - if you're putting the paper behind glass, get a matte print

   • if the paper is to be exposed, like a poster, use gloss.

c. The thickness or weight of your paper

   • if you're framing it, should ask for 50 lbs (pounds) to 100 lbs weight.

   • This will ensure the paper is rigid enough to frame and not buckle or be wavy (humidity) the next time you host a crab boil in the kitchen.

2b. Choosing a Printing Service

regardless of who you select to print, call them first and ask if can print the size you want in a timely fashion.

You can save yourself a trip, by sending them your print file ahead of time (all our digital links are email friendly) - and pick up the print when it's finished.

Here's a list of questions to ask

  • Can you print in this size "12 by 12" or "24 by 18"?
  • Can I email you the image - and pick up later?
  • Can you print on canvas (if you want a different type of print)
  • When can I expect to pick it up?

Make sure to ask in your best British accent, they love this.

Office Depot • Fedex/Kinkos • Staples

Walgreens • CVS •  UPS Store

you probably have one of these near you 👆

Even better though, is to support a local business

Google or Yelp for "Printing Services Near Me" and call a family owned business.

3. Other Questions

Q: What kind of file will I receive from Custom Family Gifts?

A: I will send you a link to a lossless JPEG image. Scaled to 300 DPI (dots per inch)

Q: How will I receive the file?

A: It will be sent via email - as a downloadable link. Same link you can send directly to any printing service.

Q: What type of bear is best?

A: False, Black Bear

You've made it to the end of this guide. Huzzah! Click below to purchase your digital art today.


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